A Different Kind of Christmas

2020 has been an unusual year and a tough one for many. The pandemic has meant that many of us have gone through hardship, missed out on seeing family members or even lost loved ones to the virus. And as we approach Christmas, the time of year when family is all the more important, it’s hardly surprising that our loved ones will be at the forefront of our thoughts.

In an average year, it’s at this time that we at MVL Wills and Trusts see an increase in enquiries from parents and grandparents who wish to ensure that everything is in place for their children and grandchildren should the worst happen. This year, with the worry that the pandemic has brought, clients are even more concerned that their inheritance planning is up-to-date.

The lack of a will could see an inheritance go to the wrong person, or that more tax than is necessary is paid to the taxman. And the lack of trust planning could mean that family inheritances are threatened by care costs, bankruptcy, inheritance tax, divorce or remarriage.

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Would you like to talk to us about putting your inheritance planning in place? It is, after all, the season of good will(s)!