Protecting Your Family's Future

Most of us know the importance of having a will and estate planning in place but few know what else can be done to protect your family after you’ve gone. Two brothers visited our office recently asking for advice after their father had died leaving his home and money to his second wife. She had promised to pass it on to her husband’s sons when she died but she didn’t, leaving it instead to her children from a previous relationship. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do anything to help. Once their father had left everything to his wife, it was hers to do with as she liked.

Their father should have put the correct planning in place and taken advantage of a trust. This is the only way you can ensure that those you want to benefit from your estate actually do. A trust is also a great way to safeguard those assets for your family, ensuring that they are protected against any misfortunes that may befall your loved ones, such as divorce, bankruptcy, care costs or inheritance tax.


Wouldn’t you want the peace of mind of knowing you’ve done your best to ensure your family will be financially secure after you’ve gone? MVL Wills and Trusts of Battle can guide you through the process of putting such planning in place. Contact us on 01424 577070 or for a free consultation.