What To Look for Before Visiting an Estate Planning Specialist

Knowing who to trust with your estate plan is critical to the welfare of your assets and your future beneficiaries. Seeking the aid of a financial advisor and estate planning specialist will help you make more informed decisions about your estate by simplifying the complexities of asset management after death. There are some things to consider when finally deciding to see an estate planning specialist.

First, choose the right type of advisor. The financial field is vast and narrowing down your choices of financial advisors should be your first order of business. Advisors can be categorised based on their specialties, such as estate planning, as well as the way they are paid. There are commission-based advisors that sell all kinds of financial products like pensions, insurance policies, mutual funds, etc. They may also earn commissions on these products.

Fee-based specialists on the other hand, will give you financial planning advice for a fee. They are licensed professionals that are typically affiliated with agents or brokers. There are also fee-only advisors who have fiduciary duty to act solely on the best interest of clients and don’t receive fees or commissions based on product sale. The best estate planning advisor is one that can give you comprehensive advice on estate, retirement, insurance, and inheritance planning.

It’s also important to evaluate how much aid you need. There are comprehensive planning services that can provide you an entire roadmap to your financial goals. Others specialise in asset management. They serve as your long term financial partners who will provide you comprehensive and continuous financial planning services through the changes and stages of your life. Estate planning specialists can introduce you to the best strategies on managing your wealth and assets in the event of your death, providing you with sound advice on how to go about distributing your wealth to your beneficiaries.


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