Basic Facts About Estate Planning Services

Estate planning attorneys may abound in your location, but not all estate planning services are of equal quality. Choosing the right attorney to help you plan the future of your estate is critical to the overall welfare and protection of your assets.


Never make this crucial decision based on good marketing or low fees alone. Here are some tips to keep in mind when seeking out the best estate planning services for yourself.

  • Your first instinct might be to call the first estate planning service that comes up in your local directory or in your search results. While there is nothing wrong with this, you really shouldn’t limit your search based solely on your immediate geography. Find the best in a wider area than your immediate neighbourhood so you can expand your options and weigh your choices based on the quality of the service that the firm can provide.
  • Get referrals from trustworthy sources, like your own family attorney or your financial advisor. If estate planning isn’t one of their specialties, they can sure point you to the direction of a skilled professional who can take care of your needs.
  • Choose a service that focuses on estate planning. A lot of practices may claim to offer expertise on estate planning, but only a few of them are real specialists that can offer the same level of service as one that practices exclusively in this field. Stay away from generalist lawyers who claim to do it all. The best person to turn to for estate planning is one that specialises in the specific area of law, as they are more likely to be educated and abreast of current issues and laws surrounding estate planning.


Finally, ask if they carry insurance. Make sure that the service you choose carries or holds a legal malpractice insurance as this is a good sign of accountability on their end.

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