Why you need Power of Attorney - the disturbing truth

In 2009, great-grandmother and dementia sufferer Betty Figg was snatched from her daughter’s home and returned to a care home against her wishes and those of her family. Daughter Rosalind had been confronted at her doorstep by an army of social workers and police armed with battering rams, all because the local authority believed she had no right to look after her own mother in her own home. (Telegraph)

In 2013, Wanda Maddocks was imprisoned for contempt by the Court of Protection for trying to publicise her father’s plight. She believed the 80-year-old dementia sufferer’s life was at risk in his local authority care home but was powerless to help. (Daily Mail)

Neither family had Lasting Powers of Attorney in place – legal documents which allow the family to make decisions for loved ones. Do your relatives need your help? MVL Wills & Trusts LPAs