Put time aside to make a Will with MVL

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Have you been putting off making a will for years? Have you felt that the decisions were too difficult to make? Or thought it was all too expensive? And it can always be done tomorrow, can’t it? But can you really afford to? After all, no-one knows when their time is up - and when it is, it’s too late.

Ah well, you won’t be around to worry about it… but your loved ones will. They’ll have to pick up the pieces and cope with the fall out. Many of the decisions that you could have taken may now be made by the state - like who looks after your children. There might also be delays before your family can access your assets, and it might be months or even years before everything is resolved.

Your husband or wife might not receive all of your assets and your unmarried partner might receive nothing at all. The taxman might end up with a substantial sum that otherwise would have gone to your family and there might well be disputes between family members. And who’s going to sort it all out? Your family might have to resort to solicitors and how much are they going to charge?

The absence of a will can cause problems, heartbreak and financial hardship for your family after you’re gone… and at the worst possible time. Get your act together – Make a Will!

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