Power of attorney & dealing with dementia

Dementia has hit the news again this week with the revelation that the condition has overtaken heart disease as theleading cause of death in the UK. 

11.6% of all deaths recordedwere attributed to dementia, with women twice as likely to die of thedisease. And it's on the increase - it now accounts for 15% of all female deaths, up from 11% only two years ago.

Many people with dementia may well lose mental capacity and that's where friends and relatives step in to helpthem. But, to do so, you need to set up Lasting Powers of Attorney. Without LPAsyou have to deal with the Court of Protection and believe me, you don't want tohave to go down that laborious, intrusive and expensive route. The Government is nowrecommending that all those over 50 arrange LPAs and have them registered immediately. 

MVL Wills and Trusts can helpyou set up these important documents and, unlike many companies, we do all theleg-work for you. We complete the 40 pages of forms, obtain all the relevantsignatures and then register the documents with the Office of the PublicGuardian. 

Contact estate planning advisor Andrew Mathias for a free consultation at our offices or in the comfort of your own home. Call or email for more information on 01424 577070or info@mvlwillsandtrusts.co.uk.