An inheritance lost

I recently met a client whose tale of a lost inheritance is all too common these days. The gentleman’s father and stepmother had arranged mirror wills through a leading firm of solicitors, leaving their estate firstly to each other and then split equally between his two sons and her family.

My client’s father passed away, followed a few years later by his stepmother and it was only then that it was revealed that the stepmother had changed her will, leaving  everything to her own family and nothing to her late husband’s sons. As a result, my client had lost his half of £250,000.

The fact that my client and his brother had spent years looking after the couple with little or no help from the stepmother’s family made the revelation especially galling.

This situation could have been prevented with the correct trust planning in place. MVL Wills and Trusts can help you arrange bespoke estate planning to suit your family needs. Call us on01424 577070 or email and we can arrange to come to your home to discuss your needs. Alternatively, you’re very welcome to come to our offices in Battle, East Sussex.