DIY Wills - good value or false economy?

Making a will is the only way to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes at the end of your life, yet so many fail to do so before they die - only one in three have put this crucial document in place. One of several deterrents is the cost: a professionally prepared will can cost anything from £100 to thousands, depending on the complexity. Some, therefore, are tempted to take a cheaper route: the DIY will.

An off-the-shelf or internet will kit can cost as little as £9.99 and might seem an attractive option but it can be risky. You might make errors, your wishes might not be understood, or the signing or witnessing might be incorrect in some way. And you might be stirring up problems for your family when the time comes to sort out your estate.

Ultimately, a poorly-drafted will could extend probate and cause financial problems for your loved ones at a very difficult time. If the will ultimately fails, you could be declared intestate and the costs of sorting out the resulting financial mess could eat into any legacy you’ve left behind - not to mention the possible tax that could be charged. Suddenly, the cost of a professionally prepared will doesn’t look so bad.

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