The 'Government Will'... Is it really an option?

The 'Government Will'...  Is it really an option?

Are you one of those people who still hasn’t got around to making a will? You’re not alone - more than 60% of the adult population haven’t done so either. But is it really that much of a problem? After all, the government surely has something in place to help your family sort things out if you die without a will, right?

Well, yes, there is provision for such a situation: the division of your estate is governed by the rules of intestacy. If you could imagine a will based on those rules it would go something like this:

To my Family - I leave you all several months, possibly years, of financial hardship and expense, while you go to unnecessary lengths to sort out my affairs.

To my Spouse/Partner - I hereby leave you some (but probably not all) of what I own.

To my Children - I hereby leave you the remainder of my Estate and the authority to enforce the sale of any part of it (including the family home).

To Social Services - If my children are orphaned, I give you the power to choose who shall look after them, including allocating them to foster parents.

To the Tax Man - I hereby leave you all the Tax that I could have avoided and given to my family.

To my Bank and/or Solicitor - I hereby authorise you to charge whatever you feel necessary to sort out the mess that I have left behind (I realise that this could make you one of the major Beneficiaries of my Estate).

To everyone else - I leave you nothing!

This will is obviously a spoof but it does reflect the rules of Intestacy. The absence of a Will can cause problems, heartbreak, financial hardship and unnecessary expense for your family - at the very worst possible time.


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